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"I have had such a wonderful experience with Erin and her program.  She is so caring and has given me a new confidence in myself.  My eating habits have changed through healthy choices and with that came weight loss I hadn't expected.  She has given me coping mechanisms and encouraged time for self care. I highly recommend her!"  -Chris M.

"Even though I thought I was fairly healthy prior to beginning this journey with Erin, I learned so much from her in a short amount of time. Each week, I learned something new from the coaching calls about how to eat healthier and feel better. Erin was able to offer an outside perspective on my diet and help me add easy, tasty, filling, healthy items. Something as simple as ‘The Magic Plate’ provided a good visual reminder of a healthy meal and I was able to adapt that into my meal planning very easily and consistently. In addition to learning more about healthy foods, Erin helped me understand nourishment comes from much more than eating. It is making a connection with adventures and discovering areas of my life that I want to be nourished, like relationships. I learned many new tips, recipes and techniques for leading a healthy lifestyle! I would recommend Erin to anyone who wants to feel better and improve their health!”  -Rhonda B


"Erin has changed my life!  The things I learned in this program I will do for the rest of my life! My knees don't hurt, my back doesn't hurt, no more daily heartburn or pain meds. My posture is even better. The quality of life I have right now is better than ever! Erin was made for this work! Helping people is her thing. Compassion is rare these days, and it's just what people need." -Chris C. 


"Erin and I have been good acquaintances for a long time but thankfully to her reaching out and offering her program, we soon became great friends.  She taught me how to transform difficult habits into everyday life choices that are like second nature to me now. I have experienced the most loss and heartbreak during my program with her and without her, I would be in a much darker place. She helped me healthily navigate through the loss of my husband’s and my oldest dog, who was pretty much our child. Just a month after, my dad passed unexpectedly.  I challenged her unknowingly with this life change and she changed my life in the process. Her encouragement and gentle listening ear really helped me in the hardest time of my life. She taught me that “things happen FOR me rather than TO me”.  I highly recommend Erin’s knowledge, compassion, and creativity to anyone I know! She has helped me become a better version of myself and I know she will help you."  -Traci L.

"For probably 30 years I knew I wasn’t supposed to have sugar because of a heart condition.  I tried and never could do it.  But now, with Erin’s help, I have made the lifestyle switch and have beat the sugar addiction!  Erin suggested practical solutions to challenges I had been facing my whole life.  She helped me design small goals each week that led to big changes by the end of my sessions.   In the end, my life ran more smoothly and I was happier and healthier.  Erin is such a bright and positive person.  She is the best!" -Jeri H.
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"Working with Erin through her 90 day program was such a joy, it helped to propel me forward on my growth journey. I’m a busy wife and mom of 3 small kids and Erin helped me make myself a priority, giving myself grace, making small improvements every day, and I have an established movement routine now too! Also, as an external processor it makes a huge difference in my life being able to problem solve for the obstacles with someone else. Erin brings joy, calmness and clarity to the work at hand and it's as if you are talking to a friend. I would recommend her to others who feel overwhelmed and are ready to make changes to feel better! " -Brittney N.


"First, I’d like to say Erin is a great listener!  A health coach that is energetic, upbeat and excited to work with others!  She provides a safe and non-judgmental place for those of us struggling with habits we have created contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle.


I felt “stuck” in choices I was making and needed some accountability. I decided to give coaching a try, and turned to Erin.  We dug deep and she helped me make small and lasting improvements, finding motivation and accountability to make these changes. Erin listened, got to know me and where I was, so we could create goals specifically tailored in helping me reach those goals.


My takeaway from time spent with Erin is knowing I have the ability to make significant changes using the tools and ideas she shared with me.  Our entire time together she continued to impress upon me, that I AM WORTH IT!" -Tammy V.

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