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Group Events

I’m currently offering mini events. These one hour events are packed full of realistic, easy to implement actions that help propel you forward on your journey.  These fun events are great for friend groups, employee groups, family groups, ALL the groups :)  Current topics include self-care and food, learning ways to incorporate self-care strategies with your meals, and basic self-love. You’ll be amazed at how much you and your group can gain from a one hour event! 

90 Day Coaching

I offer a 90-day program, which consists of weekly, individualized coaching sessions. Many people choose to add more time, but a lot of change happens with 90 days of focusing on your wellness! 

I understand that no two people are the same and what works for one person might not work for someone else. During the coaching sessions, we'll work together to find realistic ways for you to crush goals you set for yourself.  We’ll use customized coaching exercises that will accelerate your results and help you achieve transformation in your body and your life.  You'll also receive handy materials such as checklists, recipes, handouts and more.  In addition, I'm available for support via email between sessions!  


The options I have available are one-on-one coaching and small group (2-3 people) coaching. The small group option is ideal for friends, couples, family members, co-workers who have similar health goals.


Interested to learn more?

Contact me for a FREE consultation.  This is a great way to discuss some of your health goals and see if my services are right for you! 

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